A Personal Support Worker Can Greatly Improve a Person's Lifestyle

main of A Personal Support Worker Can Greatly Improve a Person's Lifestyle

A Personal Support Worker helps sick and elderly persons and also helps persons who need assistance with their daily tasks. They ensure that their client is satisfied, enjoying their state of well-being and are safe. The Personal Support Worker works from either a home agency where they visit their patients at home or work for a long-term healthcare facility.

Sometimes a Personal Support Worker works independently on a contractual basis; this position is also called PSW. There are not many qualifications to become a PSW because it is deemed an entry-level profession in the healthcare field. Other names for a PSW are personal aides, personal care assistants, resident care aides, or home support workers. Most times, the personal care assistant works under the direct leadership of a Registered Nurse where they are expected to provide a comprehensive report on their patients.

Health-Related Tasks Performed by a PSW

  • There are many facets of a PSW, and it takes someone special to do this job, and it is also very rewarding. Some daily tasks of a PSW include:
  • Preparing and making meals for their client.
  • Teaching new parents how to attend to a newborn child.
  • Helping to take care of people when they are sick.
  • Providing bedside care for patients, such as helping them move and getting them dressed and unclothed.
  • Giving oral medication as per their supervisor's instruction and change the non-sterile dressing of their patients.
  • Spending quality time talking to their clients.
  • Helping with chores such as doing laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, and making beds.
  • Assistance transporting their clients to and from appointments and run errands.
  • Observing their clients and reporting changes to the agency where they work.
  • They help their clients do exercises to keep them active once they can do so.
  • Providing counseling service to their patients.

Other Tasks Completed by a PSW

Individual care is administered by a trained PSW and will sometimes require that they work as a health team member under a registered health professional's leadership. There are some tasks that a PSW will need the surveillance of a registered health professional to complete. They administer care to persons who need help in their daily lives, including inserting instruments into their body cavities or any skill that requires a prescription from a doctor.

They also provide additional authorized care under the supervision of an RHP when needed. The PSW provides paraprofessional services to clients following an established care plan which can incorporate housekeeping. Most times, they are involved in their clients' daily activities, providing services such as friendship, socialization, and meal preparation. The roles and responsibilities of the PSW vary depending on the requirements of a client.

A PSW should also assist with reminding their client when it's time to take their medication. They must maintain a complete record for their client, including progress reports and communication books. They must observe and also report the conditions, behavior, and cognitive changes of their client to the supervisor, which can be an employer, a family member, or a care coordinator.

Where do Personal Support Workers Get Employed?

Many persons easily define a PSW job because they help with the daily activities and private care of patients placed in a long-term care facility such as a nursing home or a retirement residence. However, there are numerous opportunities available to a PSW graduate, the most common being in a long-term care facility. Many PSWs will find themselves working between the facilities and in-home care for clients because some prefer staying at home while being assisted.

There has also been a rise in PSWs operating in hospitals; this allows personnel such as Registered Nurses to have more time to complete tasks as the resident care assistants offer to assist them, saving hospitals a lot of money because they can hire personal care assistants. The skillsets of PSWs are more recognized now than ever before. With the increasing need for caregivers, employment opportunities are rising.

Qualifying for a PSW position is not only beneficial now but will also be very useful in the future. There are various settings that they can explore from this avenue, and having experience is a big advantage that can lead to a fulfilling and reliable career.

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