Energy Drinks Can Give You a Nice Boost When Feeling Low Energy

main of Energy Drinks Can Give You a Nice Boost When Feeling Low Energy

Energy drinks have never been more popular than they are now. The market for these beverages is incredible and their advertising is everywhere on everything. Energy drinks offer a very simple concept. They want to give someone a boost of energy so that they can go about their day. This is obviously a very attractive thing to people. Life is tiring! You’re going to have lulls throughout the day. That’s where energy drinks come in handy. There are different benefits that come from drinking an energy drink. They also tend to share some common ingredients which you’d expect from a drink offering a burst of energy. This article will discuss these facets as well as a number of popular energy drinks that are on the market. 

Benefits of Energy Drinks

Obviously the first benefit that an energy drink offers up is a sense of wakefulness. People stop feeling tired and are able to go about their day. This is the same feeling that people drink from coffee. While coffee tends to be a morning beverage, most people tend to use energy drinks in the afternoon to give an extra kick to reach the end of the day. 

The other benefits that energy drinks often provide are a little boost to different functions of the brain. A person’s concentration, memory and reaction time have been shown to go up in different studies. This is obviously in addition to the removing of the mental fatigue

Common Ingredients

When it comes to energy drinks, there’s a few ingredients that they use to try to give people a boost. The most common is caffeine. This has been shown to give people energy forever through coffee, tea and other sources. Caffeine levels in an energy drink can vary, but are usually fairly high. It’s important to know exactly how much is in each energy drink that you consume so you don’t consume too much caffeine in a day. 

Many energy drinks are packed with sugar. Like, seriously packed with sugar. However, there’s also been a movement to a lot more sugar free energy drink variants on the market. These are carb friendly, while still providing energy to people who drink, 

More natural ingredients tend to be Vitamin B and a variety of potential herbal extracts. These can provide energy or potentially help someone with their mental alertness. Quite simply, each energy drink is a little bit different, but all work to give you a boost. 

Popular Energy Drinks

There’s a number of different brands that are very popular. Some of these names are going to be very well known, while others might not be as popular or well known. Some of the most popular energy drinks include: 

  • Red Bull - Red Bull arguably started the trend of energy drinks by offering up simple and powerful energy boosts in small cans. 
  • Monster - Monster offers a huge lineup of different flavors with their energy drinks. They have a wide number of low carb options that don’t use sugar. They also have several mixes including coffee or other beverages. 
  • Rockstar - This is an energy drink similar to monster as it comes in larger cans than Red Bull. It also has similar ingredients. 
  • NOS - This energy drink is a sub brand of Monster and is very popular in the United States. 

There are also a wide variety of energy drinks that are smaller and often sold in a local radius, perhaps statewide or such. In some cases they can even only distribute to a couple of cities. It’s worth giving some of the little guys as shot as they can be mighty tasty.

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