Families Become More Complete When They Adopt a Dog

main of Families Become More Complete When They Adopt a Dog

Some people who want a puppy think the only option is to buy one from a breeder. What many people don't realize is that 3.3 million dogs enter shelters each year. Many of these canines are purebred and a lot of them are puppies too. One of the most significant issues is that people don't do their research before adopting a puppy or dog. Selective breeding results in dogs of different sizes with certain personality traits. Some are easier to train than others.

When a dog goes to a new home, it's a strange environment. The dog needs time to adjust to its new family. When a dog is returned to a shelter, the owner often blames it on behavior issues. Most of the time, it's because they didn't do their homework. The dog could learn to be obedient and well-adjusted with proper socialization and training.

Adoption vs. Buying a Puppy vs. Rescue Organizations

Millions of dogs enter shelters each year. Many are relinquished by owners or family members due to divorce, death in the family, or relocation. One of the most significant problems is that many people don't spay or neuter their pets. As a result, millions of females and their unwanted litters end up in shelters every year.

Buying a dog from a breeder can have a lot of risks. Some breeders want to maintain the breed's standards. Unfortunately, many are in the business for the money, not the dog's best interests, and are nothing more than hoarders. Most rescue organizations have good intentions and transport dogs to areas where shelters are almost empty. The problem is that most people would adopt a dog from a local shelter if they knew shelter dogs need a second chance.

When you want to adopt a dog, plan a visit to the municipal shelter in your city or a nearby community. Shelters have dogs and puppies just waiting for the perfect person to share their life with. Shelter workers can tell you what you need to know about the dog. Many dogs just need a patient owner that takes the time to train and socialize them. Most municipal shelters charge a reasonable fee to adopters, including the spay/neuter and cost of vaccinations. The bottom line is that adopting a dog saves a pet's life that needs a chance to have a loving family and a permanent home.

Tips to Make a Dog Feel At Home Quickly

You've found the perfect new addition for your family. Now it's time to bring your dog home. The transition from the shelter to the new home can be stressful. Your new family member is coming into a strange environment and needs to feel at ease. Here's how to help your furbaby adjust to its new home.

Dogs feel more secure when they have a space that's theirs. A crate or indoor dog house is similar to the den of its wolf ancestors. Crate training is one of the most effective house training methods and gives your dog a sanctuary. The dog feels secure while being able to see what's going on. If your dog is a small breed, a kennel that the dog can stand up and turn around in is an option for naps or when your dog just needs some space for short periods.

Many dogs adjust to new surroundings easier than others. Your pup may have been through trauma and needs time to get accustomed to the new smells, sights, and people. It may take a few days or a month or more for your dog to understand their new home is safe. It's best if your dog isn't overwhelmed by too many new people and situations all at once. In the long run, a gradual transition is best for your new friend. Be patient and compassionate, and you'll be rewarded with a friend for life that will make your family more complete.

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