There's a Lawn Mower That Perfectly Fits Each Lawn

main of There's a Lawn Mower That Perfectly Fits Each Lawn

One of the responsibilities of home ownership is maintaining the lawn to community standards. People who have routinely lived in apartments can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of maintaining their own lawn. It can be tempting to hire a service, but personally mowing the yard can prove to be less expensive as well as rewarding.

Lawns are not a one size fits all feature. They vary from a couple of feet in size to multiple acres. A city lawn is typically smaller than one found in more rural areas. Lawn maintenance regulations vary from community to community as well. Many cities and planned communities have stricter rules for the way a lawn should look than rural areas have.

The key to lawn maintenance is having the appropriate tools. A lawn mower is a necessity for keeping the lawn well trimmed. Just as lawns vary in size, lawn mowers are available in a variety of sizes. Choosing the perfect lawn mower for the lawn will save frustration when cutting the lawn.

Lawn Mower Types

The basic types of lawn mowers are mowers that are pushed while walking behind them and mowers that are ridden. Within these two basic types are multiple styles and features to consider. They range from small walk behind mowers with no motor to large tractors

Walk behind mowers are great for smaller lawns. This style of mower includes mowers that are powered by human energy, electric mowers, and gas powered mowers. Some of them are self-propelled which requires less effort to push them through the grass. The mowers that have no motor as well as the electric mowers are better suited to the smallest of lawns. Gas powered mowers are more suited to mid-sized yards, usually an acre or less.

Riding lawn mowers are good choices for large lawns. Like walk behind mowers, riding mowers include a variety of styles. There are small versatile lawn tractors, large zero turn mowers, and large lawn tractors with mowing units that are pulled behind the tractor. Smaller lawn tractors are a good choice for lawns that are one to five acres in size with little to no landscaping. Zero turn mowers are good for larger lawns and lawns with some landscaping. Large lawn tractors are for the largest lawns.

Choosing the Right Lawn Mower

With so many available choices for lawn mowers, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. To choose the correct mower, consider the size of the lawn, the extent of landscaping, the price of the mower, and the features of the mower.

  • Lawn Size - A large mower will not work in a small yard or one with extensive landscaping. Smaller yards and yards with extensive landscaping need a mower that can be easily maneuvered. Typically, a walk-behind mower is more appropriate for these applications. Conversely, a small mower will make caring for a large lawn a difficult task. Attempting to mow a large lawn with a small walk behind mower would take a tremendous amount of time. Larger lawns need larger equipment.
  • Budget - Budgetary constraints are an important consideration when purchasing a lawn mower. However, it isn’t necessarily the most important consideration. A zero turn mower might fit nicely into the budget, but if the lawn is too small for the mower to maneuver effectively, it will become an expensive lawn ornament. Often a mower that falls within the mid-range of the budget will be the best choice for both longevity and lawn size.
  • Features - Some lawn mowers have nice, but unnecessary, features. A mulching mower will not be a good choice for someone who has no use for the mulch, for example. Choose a mower that has the features and blade size that is required for the specific lawn where it will be used.

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