It's Nearly Impossible To Slip On Wet Ground In A Good Boat Shoe

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As the name suggests, boat shoes were originally built for use on decks. Their sole is designed to grip sufficiently and secure the user while on deck. The upper, on the other hand, is built of leather and treated with oil. These two features are meant to prevent water absorption.

Due to the intense activity associated with boat work, they are built to last with solid and well-crafted stitching. The shoes were Initially constructed for sailors, but they have become casual pairs as the years go by.

They were invented in 1935 after a man admired his dog’s ability to walk on ice without slipping. He used a knife to cut sipping into a pair, and that’s how the boat shoe story began.

Boat Shoes Styles

Boat shoes are pretty versatile and can be worn in a wide array of styles. One does not have to stress so much when choosing what to wear with boat shoes- treat them like your ordinary pair of sneakers. The issue most people have with these deck shoes is whether to wear them with socks or not. The designers intended to have them worn with socks, but as fashion trends evolve every day, old rules no longer hold. Some people prefer to wear them without socks which is alright. If you want to leave an impression, however, you can try some of these styles.

  • Wear Them With Jeans - Most people will tell you that jeans only match with sneakers, but there is another partner for these pairs of pants, boat shoes. Pick a shoe color that matches your jeans. This combination might not win you an award, but it will surely earn you some attention. You can use laces with a different color to break the one color look a little bit.
  • Wear Them With A Pair Of Chinos - Styling your boat shoes with a pair of chinos and maybe a polo shirt will create the perfect austere look. You can never go wrong with keeping it simple. Try to avoid any conspicuous shining bangles and silver marked belts. If you choose simple, go simple all the way.
  • Match Them With A Pair Of Short Pants - Men wear boat shoes with long pants and then try rolling them up to remain in style. Rolling up trousers in the urban setting does not send the right message as far as style is concerned.

Instead of going through the trouble, they can opt to wear shorter pants. These will be less inconvenient and more stylish.

Popular Boat Shoe Offerings

There’s a lot of good boat shoes on the market these days. You can pick from these options. Some of the best include: 

  • Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original Boat Shoes - They were the first designers and producers of the boat shoes, they definitely have some of the best pairs in the market. This particular model is a clear embodiment of tradition and modern styling all in one. The sewing is done by hand to ensure every pair is made to last. The lambskin skin part of the upper offers that small extra detail that ensures the wearer stands out.
  • Sebago Dockside Portland - Anyone who prefers old-school manufacturers should think of Sebago. This dockside comes complete with all the essential details a boat shoe could ever need. The rubber outsole leaves no marks,and at the same time, manages to grip just fine. They incorporated heel lacing to add on the style part. Comfort is well catered for here with the molded EVA foam insole. No day can be too long with a pair of Sebago Dockside Portland’s on your feet. The color range is also pretty sufficient for its class.
  • Brunello Cucinelli Suede Boat Shoes - For anyone having trouble letting go of their loafers, this is the pair for them. It is the perfect replacement for the loafer and any other shoes in its class. The calfskin upper plays a significant role in the all-year-round usability of this shoe. The material might not be what initial boat shoemakers used, but it adds style to the pair. The shoe has the traditional rubber sole and wrap-around lacing in case anyone still appreciates the initial designs.

Boat shoes have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity due to the explosion of the fashion scene in recent years. The fact that they can be worn in different styles makes them a darling for fashion designers. The history behind them has earned them some love among classic fashion lovers.

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