Potassium Can Benefit the Body In Multiple Ways

main of Potassium Can Benefit the Body In Multiple Ways

Potassium is an electrolyte that is very reactive in water. It dissolves in water to form ions with positive charges. In the body, it's a special and essential mineral that supports various vital processes. The recommended levels of potassium that should be supplied to our bodies daily are 100 milligrams. Research has it that adequate intake of potassium decreases the overall mortality risk by 20%. The potassium ions' significant roles include the regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance, which plays a crucial role in controlling the heart and the body muscles. Interestingly, potassium has been linked to various powerful benefits. This article will further examine these benefits. It should be noted that this is only a very brief article and the full extent of potassium benefits goes even further! 

1- Improves Cardiovascular Health And The Blood Pressure

Potassium is a major electrolyte that typically counters the impacts of sodium. It helps in keeping the consistent blood pressure and the balance of body bases and acids. Lower limits of potassium have been linked to the likelihood of an individual developing high blood pressure. It maintains the lower levels of sodium ions that help lower the blood pressure. Consuming a recommended amount of potassium does precisely that. Reduced blood pressure is crucial in maintaining healthy heart functions that are not prone to causing complicated cardiovascular problems.

According to some studies, a significant intake of potassium also lowers the risk of ischemic heart disease. The electric signaling in our hearts is required to ensure proper pumping action is controlled by the potassium we consume.

2 - Maintain Healthy Bones And Muscles

Potassium-rich diets sustain the body's alkaline environment. The same basic pH is paramount in ensuring that acidosis doesn't occur. Acidosis has the likelihood of causing muscle wasting and the loss of mineral density. Thus, it can be concluded that potassium is essential in preserving bones and muscles even during conditions like diabetic ketoacidosis. Additionally, the growth of muscles depends on potassium availability that is useful in the synthesis of proteins and tissue regeneration processes during a metabolic exercise. Elderly people who are more predisposed to osteoporosis can prevent this condition by taking potassium. In preventing osteoporosis, potassium works by reducing the renal clearance of calcium which is a significant bone generation element acting through mineralization.

3 - Protect Against Stroke

Stroke is a life-threatening condition that emerges when there is compromised blood flow to the brain. Its severity can cause death within a very short time. According to several studies, it has been established that eating potassium-rich foods or drinks helps in preventing the incidence of stroke. By keeping the heart's effective contraction and relaxation, a sufficient amount of blood can be pumped into the brain. That is how potassium helps in lowering the development of stroke. Ultimately, good pumping action and cardiovascular health lead to a non-pathological circulatory system that supplies blood adequately to all corners of the body.

4 - Prevent the Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are crystal-like substances that form clumps from concentrated urine. The hard deposits tend to cause pain during urination. They are formed when the acidic salts and the minerals stick together along the urinary tract. If they are not treated or removed, they might cause permanent damage to the genitourinary system. Calcium is the main mineral responsible for kidney stones. The use of potassium, which lowers the calcium levels in the urine and helps in fighting Kidney Stones, is the ultimate solution to this condition. Scientists have stated that people who consume potassium daily are 51% free from kidney stones.

5 - Reduce Water Retention

Potassium reduces water retention by increasing the production of urine and also decreasing sodium levels. This reduces the chance of having a swollen body since potassium is highly dedicated to maintaining well-balanced chemical functions in the body.Therefore, people with puffiness and swollen body parts caused by water retention can simply consume some potassium and the retained water is lowered to normal healthy levels. Water retention is sometimes harmful since it can cause pulmonary edema that interferes with breathing.

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