Fatigue Can Be a Symptom of a Wide Variety of Health Issues

main of Fatigue Can Be a Symptom of a Wide Variety of Health Issues

Many people experience fatigue more than once in their lifetime. Perhaps this is due to the modern lifestyle that limits rest time. Most times, the solution is getting enough rest and sleep. This applies to mild fatigue. Severe fatigue may, however, prove difficult to handle. Individuals may still feel overly tired and unmotivated even after several days of adequate sleep and a good diet. In this case, one might be suffering from a more serious issue. Typically, a person can experience mental or physical fatigue. Statistics reveal that the chances of having physical fatigue are 20% to 60%, while mental fatigue occurs 40% to 80% of the time. Sometimes, you may experience both. Mental fatigue mostly occurs due to stress, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues. On the other hand, physical fatigue may be a sign of an underlying medication condition or merely engaging in strenuous activities and exercises. Either way, it is best to consult a physician, especially if the situation lasts a few weeks to months.

Common Medical Causes of Fatigue

There are a whole host of reasons that a person may be fatigued. The following are just a few of the conditions which can cause fatigue: 

  • Chronic Kidney Disease - Individuals with kidney illness, especially End Stage Renal Disease, experience fatigue 100% of the time. A damaged kidney is in no position to filter toxins and other hazardous molecules out of the blood. As a result, a lot of toxins go up in the blood, thereby interfering with oxygen transport. This causes intense fatigue.
  • Cancer - Fatigue is also a key symptom in cancer patients. Cancerous cells suppress a person’s cells, muscles, and body organs. The entire immune system becomes weak, thereby unable to protect the body from substances that harm the energy-producing muscles and cells. In conjunction with that, cancers may release cytokines, which are hormones that cause fatigue. More so, cancer treatments like chemotherapy damage healthy cells, thus leaving a person overly tired.
  • Chronic Liver Disease - Health experts have yet to conclude the relationship between chronic liver failure and fatigue fully. It is still a major clinical challenge. This is because more than 90% of liver disease patients experience this symptom but establishing the underlying cause is complex. Presently, health experts and scientists state that the occurrence is due to alterations involving neurotransmitter processes.

Handling Fatigue during the Day

It is sometimes impossible to avoid day fatigue, but one can combat it in various ways. Some methods include: 

  • Give Electronic Devices a Break - Regulating screen time is critical. The amount of work should not interfere with one’s off-screen break. Spending long hours staring into screens results in digital fatigue. One may not notice it at first, but the consequences include anxiety, stress, depression and other mental issues. A 15-minute break every two hours goes a long way.
  • Meditation - People often underestimate the power of meditation, besides its importance. Some daily activities drain energy. Meditation aids one in attaining their energy levels through separating self from the surrounding stressful environment. Even a 10-minute meditation session is enough for a significant change. Besides, there are several ways to meditate, such as walking, reflecting, and listening to music.
  • Moving - Staying in one position for extended periods is a common cause of daytime fatigue. Stretching, adjusting positions and moving around come in handy. These movements relieve muscle tensions, thereby preventing fatigue. When time is available, a 30-minute exercise gives an energy boost.

Treatment Plans for Fatigue

The first step to take when experiencing prolonged fatigue is seeking medical assistance. Suppose a medical condition exists; a certified physician will determine the best solution. Treatment methods may vary for individuals depending on the underlying conditions. For instance, an anemic individual will receive anemia treatment procedures. A person with liver or kidney disease will receive managed practices to improve the symptom.

Fatigue may also be a consequence of poor diet. Maintaining a healthy diet, therefore, improves the situation. However, this may require the assistance of a nutritionist. Often, people make poor decisions by following the diet guidelines they retrieve online. Remember that a diet plan that works for one person may fail to work for another. Besides an effective diet, supplements aid in regaining energy. Most energy supplements are available in local drug stores. Nevertheless, it is still important to seek expert consultation first.

Therapy is as well an effective approach. This is because it is often difficult to identify areas of lifestyle that are the root causes of fatigue. A therapeutic approach may help identify the factors and thus establish the appropriate methods of combating the situation.

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