Every Item Needs To Get Checked Off the Wedding Checklist Before the Big Day

main of Every Item Needs To Get Checked Off the Wedding Checklist Before the Big Day

When a person gets married to the love of their life, that is always a significant event to them that they will want to treasure. Making it memorable should be the main aim. Ensure that the wedding is memorable by planning well. When there is proper planning chances are that every activity will go on effectively. While planning for the big day, ensure that all the necessary items are considered. Quite simply, there’s a lot of them. This article is a great starter checklist for any wedding. As each item is checked off, the wedding will be one step closer to being ready to go. Taking care of this wedding checklist will ensure that the day goes off without a hitch. 

1 - The Venue

The first aspect that one should consider in a wedding list is the venue. A wedding needs to be done in a place that will offer an environment that will make it exciting. Couples may book the wedding venue during the early stages of planning the wedding. However, they shouldn't assume that after they have made the booking, everything will be fine. The wedding committee should keep in touch with the venue management to ensure that they still have the place.

2 - Transport

After checking the wedding venue and making sure that it is still there, the next item to check is the transport. On the big day, the couples will be required to be transported from their home to the wedding venue. Couples hire cars and other modes for transport purposes. Some even go to a further extent of hiring horses to make their wedding fancy. While they are planning all these, they need to check as the big day nears. Some transport agencies or individuals tend to pull out at the last date. Some use that as a means to ask for more pay. Therefore, every person planning their wedding should make sure that their modes of transport are still available to avoid embarrassment on their big day.

3 - The Wedding Attire

Wedding attire is undeniably one of the things that makes a wedding memorable. In this case, one should choose the correct attire for the wedding. Wedding attire is among the most crucial things; hence it should be among the first things to be checked off a wedding list. The couple should ensure that all the outfits have been well designed and produced as per the request. Also, they should fit all the members of the bride and the groom's team. Therefore, all the clothes should be ready and stored in a clean place before the big day.

4 - The Media Team

Nowadays, a wedding is not complete without a media team. Documenting a wedding is a great way that one can remember for years to come. Photographers and videographers are needed during a wedding to take photos and record every action as it takes place. The sound and the music team are required in order to play the couple's favorite wedding music during the wedding. One may get the best media team but only to realize that they are not present at the wedding. Such news would be heart-breaking for the wedding couples. Before the bid day, it would be essential to confirm their availability and whether all their instruments are working effectively.

5 - Catering Team

Hardly can there be a wedding that ends without guests enjoying a meal. Many people don't consider a wedding complete without having a sumptuous meal. As the wedding date nears, the wedding planning team should check on the catering department. The team should ensure that the catering team is going to be present and that all the items needed for preparation are present.

6 - First Aid Team

Many people wonder why a wedding would require a first aid team. The truth of the matter is that accidents may happen during the wedding and spoil the fun. In this case, swift action is required before one is taken to the hospital. During planning, many people tend to ignore it, but it could save someone's life. Every wedding planner should be kept to ensure a first aid team is equipped with all the items. 

A few weeks into the wedding day, there may be a lot of excitement, especially for the wedding couples. However, that excitement should not blind one from the fact that the wedding has not yet happened. It's important to ensure that all items that have been listed above are taken care of.

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