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The economic upheaval that has swept the nation over the past two years has made apartment living an attractive living scenario for many people in large and small cities across the country. While striving to own a home is a noble pursuit, the truth is that being a homeowner is not right for everyone. For some, being a homeowner would be more of a burden than a benefit, costing them time, money, and effort that would be better put to other uses at this point in their life.

There are many reasons why someone would choose apartment living over traditional home ownership. Some of the most common reasons for choosing apartment living includes lower costs, more freedom to move locations, fewer maintenance responsibilities, and access to additional amenities. Anyone considering moving to an apartment should keep the following things in mind while conducting their search.

Signs A Tenant Should Look For in a Good Apartment

There’s many things that any apartment should include. If you find potential apartments lacking in any way, then it’s probably time to check the next listing. Some of the most important factors include: 

  • Location – Location is generally the most important factor when choosing an apartment. Is the apartment close to your job or school, or will you have a long commute? You will also want to make sure there are grocery stores and food options nearby, as well as easy access public transportation if you do not drive.
  • Layout – Layout is almost as important as location and layouts can vary widely even between apartments in the same complex. Check out the different styles available and choose one that works with your current lifestyle.
  • Utilities Included – Some apartments include some utilities, like water, gas, and garbage collection, in the monthly rental cost while others require the tenant to have their own account with the provider. The utilities that are included with the rent will be listed in the lease.
  • Additional Amenities – Apartments with popular amenities, like fireplaces, fitness centers, and on-site pools, may cost more, but can ultimately save you money if you tend to pay for these experiences on a regular basis. Other comforts, like central air, washer/dryer hookups, and dishwashers, are not available with every apartment, so choose one that has the amenities you want.

Red Flags for Potential Tenants to Avoid

There’s also things that people should immediately use to disqualify a potential apartment from consideration. Some of these glaring red flags include: 

  • Unusually low rent – If the rental cost is significantly lower than for comparable properties in the same area, it may be an indication of something wrong with the property or landlords that will be unresponsive to issues. It could even be a scam. 
  • Health issues – Signs of mold, rodent or insect infestation, or water damage are big red flags that a property should be avoided.
  • Shoddy repairs – If things aren’t repaired properly when you initially view the property, chances are things won’t get repaired properly when you are renting the property.
  • No background check – If the person handling the rentals isn’t doing a background check on you, they probably haven’t done one for others on the property either, which could put your safety at risk.

Using Websites and Apps to Find Apartments to Rent

Websites and apps are valuable resources when trying to find the right apartment. They can save you a lot of time by allowing you to view the important features of multiple properties at a glance. Their listings include important information such as:

  • Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Square footage and layout
  • Apartment amenities included
  • Property amenities included
  • Policies on pets, parking, etc.
  • Rental cost range and additional fees
  • Photos of the apartments
  • Online reviews of the property

After narrowing down the possibilities, choose a few properties to visit in person to ensure that what you saw online is accurate. The last thing you want is to be surprised after you have already signed the lease.

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