Staying Cool and Feeling Great Are What Women's Swimwear Are All About

main of Staying Cool and Feeling Great Are What Women's Swimwear Are All About

That time of year always comes. You know the one. The weather is getting warmer, and the days at the beach are coming closer and building anticipation in the individual person. What better way to stay calm and look great than with women's swimwear? Luckily, there are many styles to choose from, allowing one to find a swimsuit that suits their taste. From full coverage options to sultry string bikinis, there is something for everyone. Different styles of women's swimsuits aim to make the wearer feel comfortable and confident. After deciding how daring your swimsuit is, find out which retailers carry women's swimsuits. It can be rather frustrating to go to a location that doesn’t offer any of the apparel you’re really trying to buy! 

Styles for Comfort

One of the most comfortable styles of women's swimwear is tankinis. Tankinis are a two-piece outfit, but instead of being separate, the top and bottom come together in one piece, resembling a jumpsuit. This style is great because it eliminates tan lines while doing its job of keeping you cool by covering your stomach area.

Another style of swimwear that aims to reduce tan lines and keep you cool is called the Classic Bandeau Bikini. This style consists of a bikini top and a spandex string bottom. The bandeau has a triangular shape and does not tie around the neck, which is more revealing than other styles.

The Maillot Trikini is another style of swimwear that reduces tan lines. This three-piece women's swimsuit consists of front and back triangle bikini tops and a high-waisted bottom. The bandeau top is similar to the Classic Bandeau but covers more of the neck, making it a good choice for women with self-conscious stomachs.

Styles to Show Off

If you want to show off some skin or want a more revealing women's swimsuit, many options are available. Ideal for tanning, full coverage bikinis allow minimal tan lines to be made while still looking stylish. With this bathing suit style, one must be careful about chafing, so make sure they find a tight suit but not too close around any sensitive areas. String bikinis fit perfectly under these guidelines and is the perfect style of women's swimwear for showing off your body at the beach. Here are some of the styles to choose from:

  • Full coverage bikinis - Perfect for those who seek more support and comfort
  • One-Piece Swimsuits - Slimming, conservative; ideal for bigger busts; targets an audience with smaller frame size.
  • Hipster Bikini Bottoms - A tremendous all-around suit that expresses your style without being too revealing
  • Halter Style Top - Popular among ladies that have larger busts or are looking for more coverage around the neckline, back of shoulders, and chest
  • Brazilian Style Bikini Bottoms - A small piece of material that covers the pubic area and tucks under at the hips creating a "T" shape
  • High Waist Bikini Bottoms - These are very popular among ladies with long torsos because it creates a flattering illusion of longer legs
  • String Bikini - Great for showing off your body, but you should show caution since it doesn't offer much coverage or support.
  • Monokini - A “one-piece” swimsuit that feature a bikini bottom and a tank top like a piece of material at the chest, allowing you to show off your stomach while still providing some modesty
  • Tankinis - Swimsuit that includes matching tank tops and shorts; great for active women who want coverage in more prominent areas but don't want to feel restricted

So no matter what style of women's swimwear you prefer, there is something for everyone. By keeping your body in mind and finding a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and confident, you will be on your way to enjoying the summer at the beach, pool, or wherever you choose to go.

Best Retailers

If you want to look and feel great at the beach, the best retailers to shop for women's swimsuits are:

  1. Amazon - Amazon sells some of the top-selling brands on the market, such as Ashley Graham and Simply Modest. Amazon is a great place to shop for women's swimsuits because not only are their prices unbeatable, but they carry clothing items from all different styles.
  2. Walmart - Walmart holds great values on their brands, like Fashion Forms and Florida Beach Co. They also carry many different styles, making them a great place to shop.
  3. Target - Target has several manufacturers that they work with that offer swimwear for women; one of them is Modest, which carries swimsuits for both toddlers and adults.
  4. Victoria's Secret - Victoria's Secret is one of the most popular brands for women who want to feel great in their swimsuits. They offer various styles, including Floral Embroidered Two-Piece Swimwear and Deep V-Neck One-Piece Bikini Top.
  5. JCPenney - If you are looking for a top-of-the-line, brand-name women's swimsuit that will make you feel confident and attractive, then look no further than JCPenney. Not only does JCPenney have an impressive collection of women's swimwear, but their prices are also very affordable.
  6. Macy's - Including swimsuits For All, and Aerie, Macy's has many styles, including high necklines to more revealing options with cheeky bottoms.

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